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Geoffrey Cone is a leading international trust and tax planning attorney, and the founder and Senior Principal of Cone Marshall Limited. Cone is a respected authority in his industry, and as such, has shared his vast knowledge and expertise in publications such as Trusts & Trustees, Rothschild Trust Review, New Zealand Law Journal, among many others.

Additionally, he has been a contributing author to the World Trusts Survey and International Trust Disputes (both Oxford University Press), Law of Offshore Jurisdictions, International Trusts Guide, and Trident Guide to International Trusts. Cone began practicing commercial litigation as well as tax and trust advisory work in 1980. As Partner and Chairman of Partners at a leading Christchurch law firm, his tenure was marked by cases at all levels of the New Zealand courts as leading counsel and the Privy Council in London.

Later, Cone took his comprehensive litigation and advisory experience and further applied it by serving as a litigator in the British West Indies for two years. In 1998, he returned to New Zealand to establish his own firm, Cone and Co., which would later be transformed to Cone Marshall Limited in 2007. Cone’s long and illustrious career has made him a foremost international trust and tax planning figure, which is why some of the world’s wealthiest families, most prominent banks, and respected lawyers and advisors entrusted his firm their work and assets.

Decades of establishing and managing both simple and complex trusts for clients all over the world have enabled Cone Marshall to respond to the full range of circumstances which may motivate a family to establish a trust.

Our special understanding of the unique needs and cultures of high net-worth families allows us to align their interests with their goals in a way that will most benefit them and their loved ones for generations to come. Once our client’s specific goals and objectives have been identified, our team works closely with them to form the entity, develop the necessary documentation for its structure and governance, and suggest best practices for day-to-day management.

As we are sensitive to the particular needs of global families, a key part of the service we provide is working to regularize our clients’ positions so that they are fully-compliant with all international laws and regulations.

Our expert team is trained and qualified to fulfil trustee duties in an array of languages, in jurisdictions around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South America, Asia, and Europe. We strive to carry out these duties our clients entrust to us in a way that supports each individual or family’s long-term needs and aspirations.

Cone Marshall is a legal, accounting and fiduciary services firm comprised of specialised lawyers, wealth planners, and accountants providing industry-best counsel to safeguard our clients’ wealth over the long-term.

The global group, formed in 1998, now administers more than 1300 trusts, with additional associated companies and substantial assets all over the world, and has expanded to meet client needs with offices in Geneva, Uruguay and the US.

Our team works closely with a network of attorneys, family advisors, private banks, trustees, and related institutions to facilitate the security, planning, and preservation of global wealth and property. We have specialist skills in resolving conflicts of law across multiple legal systems.

Cone Marshall chooses not have a tied relationship with any advisors or financial service providers; in this way we are able to give our clients the widest and most unbiased options.

Our approach is discreet, friendly, and culturally sensitive, with an aim to support each client’s unique needs and aspirations. Cone Marshall’s ethos is to cultivate responsive, lasting relationships, and to that end, our principals’ programme involves regular face-to-face meetings with our family of clients and their advisors.